GAP YEAR Candidates


So you`re pretty young and the chances of you having any real experience getting through a complex interview process confidently are slim. What you need are skills and understanding of how to position yourself and how to respond to questions and situations the interview process will place you in.

Importantly for any perspective employer, they want to see you back as a permanent member. This is their hope and a key reason for their investment in you…. You must remember this as you commence your journey.   

So what else have you missed?....

ADFA Candidates


You’ve got plans to leave home, say goodbye to your familiar surroundings, go off and join the military, attend university and commit to the military for the next decade or so! 

The thing is, you’ve never done this before and will need to convince a lot of smart people, through a series of tricky and demanding interviews, that you’re mature enough for such a massive decision and have the capacity to develop into a next generation military leader. 


In our opinion, the 2016 Defence White Paper confirmed that innovation is a foundation principle of the military`s enhanced capabilities moving forward. 


So, what is your understanding of innovation and how will you support this initiative if you are to be successful in your endeavours? Have you considered your position on leadership and stewardship and how would you positively impact your work environment to ensure it meets the challenges of the 21st Century? 


Our advice is to prepare yourself to respond to big issues such as these and many more...

PILOT Candidates


The 2016 White paper has been released with an emphasis on securing the next generation of pilots!

Do you think they’ll lower the entrance requirements to fill the quotas?... Our opinion is not a chance! In fact it’s just become a lot more competitive and if anything, the standards have probably increased due to a larger candidate pool.


From our experience the military will not assessing your ability just to get on pilots course, but your capacity to make it through pilots course, then conversion course and then as a squadron member and line pilot. This is the whole point of the recruiting process and the pay back any employer would seek from its investment in you.

Remember – the military needs pilots, not candidates who have a dream and nothing more!


It’s going to come down to you and how consistently you perform throughout the entire process until you make it to a squadron. Uniform or no uniform everyone starts from the same line; and with that in mind, you need to understand how best to utilise what you`ve got before your name is called!
You have put your hand up for a long and rewarding journey. The best thing you can do now is to give yourself the best chance to succeed…



The 2016 White Paper has increased the number of serving members which means MORE OFFICERS REQUIRED! 

You have the qualifications, life experiences and skills which mean there’s a higher chance of a Commission with your name on it. This is your opportunity and your time to act because you are older now, more settled and determined to establish that fulfilling and challenging career you`ve been seeking for some time. 

Ponder this:      
Pioneering employers today require every member of its team to be a leader and an innovator; thus challenging traditional command and control concepts you may have of military life. As you consider your military career options, you need to reflect carefully on your role as a potential Officer and how you would foster this innovative ethos.


Need help?



You know you want to be an integral aircrew member and mission specialist to assist the team in getting the job done!

These environments require you to have high intellect, high rate of learning and teamwork competencies with unique personal traits to successfully operate within extremely demanding environments.

Does the following interest you?

  • Would you like a level of responsibility unlike anything you`ve ever known and have someone define “responsibility” for you?

  • Would you like a job that has been described as supercharged with no off button?

  • Are you truly ready for a job that will require your total commitment, continual study and where 98% right just doesn’t cut it?


If so, then you need to make contact with us before you commence your recruitment journey.

COMMANDO Candidates


The recruiting documents say YOU need to be physically and mentally tough to be a Commando!


Well, let’s see…


80 days of recruit training, 74 days of Infantry Initial Employment Training, 90 days of Special Forces Accelerated Infantry Training, PLUS 105 days of Commando Physical Training…. And all this before you even get a chance to attend the Special Forces screening test?!


You know the physical training elements will prepare you physically, but this is all pointless unless you understand the interview and mental attributes you`re going to need as well.


You need to know a lot more about….

  • The interview process, what to expect and how to train for this;

  • The requirements to become a next generation commando and how to train for these; and

  • How best to develop and prepare your character and other traits to ensure you satisfy ALL of the Commando selection criteria.

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Defence candidates

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