People Behind OverMatch


Founder, Key speaker and facilitator


RAAF, 11 SQN Aircrew, 84 Wing OPSO (Retired) 

Airborne Electronics Analyst (AEA1), Operations Officer


Tertiary Qualifications

  • Master Of Business Administration 

  • Diploma of Science (Analysis) Aviation and Electronics

  • Certificate IV Management

  • Certificate IV Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Certificate IV - Residential Builder (Master Builder)

    Certificate IV - Carpenter and Joiner



  • Operation Gateway

  • Operation Pollard

  • Operation Solania



Defence Force Service Medal

Australian Service Medal (Iraq Clasp)


Anthony successfully endured the rigors of the Aircrew Board selection process, followed by 18 months of specialist and conversion training before enjoying a successful career as an Airborne Electronics Analyst flying missions globally with No. 11 Squadron.


During his career, Anthony was able to see and experience first-hand the required character traits, intellect and commitment required to be successful within selective military environments – everything he was blind to during his own recruiting phase but unknowingly possessed. 

It is the experience of the OverMatch team that tacit human dimensions generally go ignored and underrated by most candidates seeking selection. These human elements become the focus and value of OverMatch`s offerings and how best to put it altogether with the technical elements when your name is called. With his business partner, Anthony has assembled a unique team of seasoned military specialists to ensure you hear first-hand what the professional’s value as the key traits required to undertake selective roles within the military.


Since retiring from the military, Anthony has been employed as a senior infrastructure executive delivering Defence and Commonwealth capital infrastructure projects nationally whilst coaching and mentoring young Australians wishing to enter the military in selective roles. He is an optimistic, energetic, mature and well-grounded leader who has been shaped by his life’s experiences, studies and personal drive.


When asked: “What’s the one thing you find it hard to listen to?”  


Anthony will generally tell you: "When people tell me that someone told them they`re not good enough. My response to this is simple – YOU can achieve whatever YOU set your mind to as long as YOU set your mind to it! " 

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OverMatch specialises in shaping potential candidates wishing to enter the Australian military as officers or enlisted specialist categories requiring a Board Selection process.
At OverMatch, you will be coached and prepared to meet the unexpected during your recruitment journey … An invaluable edge to have at your disposal!
A misguided perception from potential candidates is that they are preparing to apply for a job and simply need to follow a prescribed learning regime;
We know this is NOT the case and usually ends in candidate failure!
Remember, you have only a very small window to confirm you are that candidate of choice and possess the qualities they seek not only to enlist – but to graduate and do the job as well!

Take full advantage of all our services offered as you may only have one shot at this.

OverMatch provides you what you cannot find on the internet plus direct access to those who have succeeded in achieving dreams like yours.

Critically, OverMatch will provide you with insights to understand and prepare for what the military requires of those wishing to undertake elite roles.


Welcome to OverMatch and our congratulations on having made the right choice.
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