Selection Board Preparation Seminars
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founder and key facilitator

"If I had just known myself better with the maturity and ability to articulate who I was before I commenced the recruiting process, then I believe it would not have taken me three attempts and three years to be successful…

dedication and tenacity being two of those traits that would see me through the tough times ahead!"

— Ayla Williams

    Melbourne, VIC

April 2017

Become a confident candidate able to clearly articulate your aspirations during the recruitment phase

Make informed first role career choices before you enlist to avoid feelings of career dissatisfaction post enlistment

Have a positive impact on long term capabilities of your team from the outset


Qualify yourself as that candidate of choice amongst your peers

Have clear understanding of the personal qualities required for such roles

Your preparation training enables you to feel the tensions of passive and active assessment and how best to address these during your testing and interviews

You have an opportunity to interact and learn from those specialists you need to meet; and 

Secure an enhanced set of noticeable long term behaviours that can be applied to any career you choose.

By providing an opportunity for motivated candidates to be coached and mentored in high rate of learning, role specific personal or group environments.
We dramatically increase your chances of successfully applying for those dream roles involving complex interview and selection board processes.
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Employers generally provide candidate information nights, seminars and advice publicly available through social media - we provide sustained and individual training, coaching and mentoring within a structured context that prospective employers are unable to deliver to candidates; and 


Employers provide a ‘debrief’ on how to improve your chances next time – we prepare you ahead of time so you avoid that feeling of “I wish I would have known this earlier and now I have to wait another 6 or 12 months to apply”


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